For the past eight years, I have been a tenant at Boulevard Towers. Whereas, initially, my plans were to reside here ‘for a year or so,’ the personnel, location, cleanliness, living conditions, and overall quality of life have resulted in my being here for several years now. As a matter of fact, approximately three years ago, I moved to a larger apartment – still, of course, in the Boulevard Towers complex. My current apartment is 1500 square feet in dimensions – larger than the homes of some of my friends!

Virtually every staff member – from every custodian to the general manager – literally goes out of his/her way to be accommodating. Beyond the day to day friendliness, their attention to detail results in immediate addressing of both minor and major maintenance problems. Even more impressive (and reassuring as well) however, is the fact that Boulevard Towers personnel are available seven days a week, and that there is a 24 hour service for maintenance emergencies. Whereas the buildings themselves are certainly not new, by any means, residents joke at how the management is ‘always remodeling or updating something’ – be it the lobby, security system, television cable, new carpeting in the halls, or repaving of the parking lot.

In sum, as a young professional, I have found Boulevard Towers to meet my personal needs almost perfectly. I can only hope that all of my future living accommodations provide such an environment.

Amy T. | Resident

On behalf of my husband, James C., and myself, it gives me great pleasure to comment on our being residents at 90 Meyer Road.

At the very beginning when we met with the leasing agent, we knew we had made the right choice. We had known her in another venue and she us, so mutual trust and concern was a given. We took the first apartment she showed us and have never regretted our choice. In fact, we love it.

As residents since May 1998, we have nothing but praise for the staff whatever their position. We truly believe that the ambiance of Boulevard Towers begins at the top and is a tribute to the manager and office staff’s style and skills. The support staff does their job with a smile and style that mirrors the mission of the office staff.

The perks of being a resident are many and include a well maintained exterior, the grounds and interior, the lobby and halls; ready access to staff when problems occur; a splendid program of service delivery to the residents to enlarge their individual social situations; programs to benefit and enhance individual needs – I could go on, but I am sure you know that Boulevard Towers in Amherst, New York is an (excellent) example of luxury living.

Edith R. | Resident

Living at Boulevard Towers is comfortable, cheerful, and very convenient. The building is well kept inside and out and safe to come and go. The activities give me opportunities to meet new people that before you know it are friends. The staff always have a smile and are willing to help in any way. One can shop, go to movies, or just find a nice restaurant, 10 minutes away from here. Come visit and see for yourself.

Adele K. | Resident